Skelly Cypress Cube


With origins rooted in the sculptural architectural forms surrounding our italian home the Skelly Cube blonde is a complement to any home, offering a simple aesthetic to suit a variety of spaces. Working as a side table, sculptural element, it sits perfectly in the living room, hallway or as a bedside table. Featuring a decorative detail around a knot in the timber. This is a bespoke and original piece.

The finish is natural, the top surface has been lightly sanded enhancing the beautiful natural grain of the timber. The timber, cypress, has a strong aromatic scent and is known for its uplifting and energising properties. 

Any veining, movements and changes in the appearance of the wood are the result from the natural settlement of the wood and the intrinsic characteristics of this product.


Timber : Cypress

Dimensions : 40x40x40 circa

Weight : 27 kg

Finishes : Natural