Context, history and traditions are the foundations of Riccardo’s architecture. Riccardo’s architecture has a distinctive character, all its components work together in relation and in harmony with each other. With the use of local and honest materials, Riccardo’s architecture looks forward to the future of living.

” What makes me love what I do is that I enjoy working closely with clients, to have your best interests at heart. To collaborate together and make something that stands strong. I listen and approach every project in an authentic way. Ideas evolve along with my clients “

If you have a project that you would like to chat to Riccardo about – please contact him on his email.

“I am able to work with you to build your home and bring to life the values that are important to you. I believe your home should represent the way you want to live and connect with the world. We live in a time where there is so much going on, one needs a home and surroundings to counteract this – to offer harmony, balance and peace.”

Riccardo Monte house Modern Rustic 2(PDF Spread)
Italian Farmhouse Refurbishment
Featured in Country Living – Modern Rustic