Making & Charring

Riccardo is led by the material. Once found, chosen, and set aside, timber is formed into objects for living, stools, chairs, boards, benches. Each object remains loyal to its source. Riccardo’s mark is minimal, guided by the knots, crevices and veining inherent to the wood. This unobtrusive, simple method is inspired by the architecture of Alpine communities. Known as the Walser typology. Over 700 years old, these architectural and living principles grow from utility, resourcefulness and purity of form. 

Riccardo began exploring timber charring after firing wooden posts that propped up vines he had planted on the grounds of his home. This technique makes the timber stronger and long lasting. The furniture he creates holds a textural depth that radiates the warmth of this manual process. As though painting with fire, the charring brings about a silky finish, with natural shades of fired timber resting in tones of black, purple and deep blues.