Riccardo creates unique furniture, inspired by the principles of beauty, simplicity, longevity and craftsmanship. He is directly involved in the  design and the hand made process of each product. All materials are sourced locally and he employs traditional techniques in his execution with a modern approach.

For pricing & more information please contact Riccardo directly.

Panchetta Corta. Cedar
Latest work
Cedar bench
Skelly Cube. Natural Cypress
Skelly Cubes. Charred oak
Panchetta. Charred Cedar
Panchetta. Charred larch
Serving boards.
Casetta Blonde. Natural Spruce. Side table/stool
Casetta Stool. Charred Spruce. Side table/ stool
riccardomonte tavolo socraggio
Hand carved oak side table
riccardo monte table cedar
Cedar wood coffee table
Oak timber coffee table. Charred and natural.